environmental change in a sentence

Environmental change shows itself in countless small ways.

But the environmental changes are essentially irreversible.

But other environmental changes are more predictable.

Genetic engineering thus constitutes an important potential agent of environmental change .

This makes them particularly sensitive to environmental changes .

It is demonstrated often after injury or environmental changes .

Pink shrimp may serve the purpose of species indicating environmental change .

That is often more fluid and dependent more on environmental change .

It aims to substantially improve predictions of global environmental change .

She said that turtles are pretty sensitive to environmental changes .

However, specific populations are threatened due to various environmental changes .

Rapid environmental changes typically cause mass extinctions.

RandyMy advice is to always make environmental changes very gradually.

Other environmental changes will also affect life on earth.

environmental changes such as improvements in infrastructure have many advantages.

The policies and practices used should be suitable to environmental changes .

environmental change to increase access to clean water and improved sanitation.

A reduction in habitat associated with environmental changes is one cause.