Envenom in a sentence

Use Envenom in a sentence


Meaning: [verb]to poison, to cause bitterness and bad feeling ;

The dart is envenomed with a strong neurotoxin that causes almost paralysis in animals 3 kg or less.

Unlike some other antivenoms, it is not limited to patients with signs of severe, systemic envenoming.

Severe envenomation is rare, but possible and can be lethal.

Such envenomation should be treated as soon as practical, not only after symptoms become severe.

High levelled dart skill users can envenom their enemies with several poisons as each skill can activate a different poison.

These laws only exacerbate the problems they purportedly solve, and envenom society in the bargain.

In Liberia, too, tribal rivalries envenom the bitter civil war.

Most bites are caused by female spiders; the male katipo was considered too small to cause systemic envenoming in humans.