Enunciation in a sentence

Use Enunciation in a sentence

Enunciation ;

Meaning: [ noun] clear pronunciation; accent; articulation ;

Her crisp voice with rapid but clear enunciation was another trademark.

Clear enunciation of sounds is very important, particularly when speaking into the telephone.

My breathing is correct; my enunciation is precise.

He was praised for his fine, manly voice, his phrasing and his clear enunciation .

Merman was known for her powerful, belting mezzo-soprano voice, precise enunciation and pitch.

The students use rhyming, rhythm, pronunciation, and enunciation with every song they sing.

Fluency and clear enunciation are particularly important for the lawyer, when our forensic practice is largely oral.

To successfully deliver a rap, a rapper must also develop vocal presence, enunciation , and breath control.

His voice is good, his enunciation distinct, and his delivery free from any unpleasant peculiarity or mannerism.

Students study and practice principles for singing in English and Italian with good pronunciation, enunciation , and expression.