Ensue in a sentence

use Ensue in a sentence


[verb] to happen after or as a consequence;

Delegates for the two candidates are meeting to discuss what will ensue the next ballot.

The train was derailed, and panic ensued.

With very severe stress, death may ensue.

Confusion can ensue if a wrong assumption is made and everyone responds.

Extreme pain and even gangrene can ensue, so get to your doctor quickly if you feel any pain developing down there.

If you resist, a fight will surely ensue.

If the temperature regulation fails – heat stroke or hypothermia can ensue.

However, problems may ensue when large amounts of alcohol are consumed in short periods of time.

If the banks can’t lend, or have no credit worthy customers to lend to, deflation must ensue.

Rapid growth will ensue and a flowering sized plant can be expected within 2 years.