Enshroud in a sentence

Use Enshroud in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to cover ;

Kaif’s background is enshrouded in mystery.

In the morning, mists and fogs often enshroud the valley far below.

The main plot line is one of mystery enshrouded in science fiction.

On the outskirts of this visible expanse lie the walls, enshrouded in darkness.

There is no question–that baby will be enshrouded with its mother’s love.

She looked up at the hill, but the château was invisible from this angle behind its enshrouding of trees.

The early years of Xunzi’s life are enshrouded in mystery.

When passing through Wu Gorge, look for the twelve surrounding peaks enshrouded in rain and mist.

Earlier history of the District is enshrouded in obscurity like that of rest of Balochistan.

This star formation begins enshrouded in the collapsing cloud, blocking the protostars from sight but allowing infrared observation.