Ensconce in a sentence

Use Ensconce in a sentence

Ensconce ;

Meaning: [verb ] settle oneself firmly in a comfortable position ;

We were soon ensconced in our sleeping bags outside the refuge.

Jean remains ensconced in the hotel, while her husband Douglas explores the sights.

Many of the remaining defenders were ensconced in the fortified barracks rooms.

Emerging technologies have always induced panic among those ensconced in a world of traditional media.

A few seconds later, the photo is safely ensconced in your Evernote account.

In the three weeks since he arrived, he has been ensconced in a hotel room.

But ensconced in the Oval Office, he quickly became ensnared in a legal and political thicket.

Bottom line is that the real challenge is ISIS, which is likely to remain ensconced in parts of Syria and Iraq.

He was ensconced in a small Rockefeller Center office usually used as the Green Room for waiting “Today” show guests.

By 1912 he had received his second life saving medal and was well ensconced as a local hero.