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He also turned down an $11 million grant to improve Medicaid enrollment.

The Obama administration’s enrollment target for 2015 is just 9 million.

The standard models used to forecast enrollment didn’t pan out this time.

The first enrollment season, she said, Medicaid enrollees were more common.

Officials said they’d release 2015 enrollment information later this spring.

White students represent 51 percent of enrollment but 39 percent of arrests.

Together, they would have the largest overall enrollment of any U.S. insurer.

A link to enrollment information is also available on the Park ‘N Fly website.

enrollment from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade dropped to just 41 in 2006-2007.

Deprovisioned devices aren’t blocked from enrollment due to the new user policy.

471516 Many of the affected teachers teach at schools with declining enrollments.

The cuts come just as soccer enrollment alone jumped 20 percent in the past year.

Ten of the trailers will have to be activated to accommodate the growing enrollment.

Kennewick school district leaders want to reduce class sizes and balance enrollment.

After that, new enrollments and changes are only allowed under special circumstances.

At that time, students with the Diversity Scholarship participated in Dual enrollment.

That’s the highest percentage of black enrollment since BLS started tracking the data.

Charter school enrollment has doubled since 2007, when the they served 32,000 students.