Enroll – Enrollment in a sentence

use Enroll – Enrollment in a sentence

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[verb] to become a member formally as a participant; to register;

He has enrolled in an advanced painting class in order to improve his craft.

Her parents have enrolled her in a ballet class.

I enrolled at the university in 1990.

There are currently over 250 students enrolled in our English Language Program.

His parents had to enroll him in a new school because he was kicked out of the one he was in.

I want to enroll my children in some summer programs, otherwise, they’ll just hang around home, and get bored.

I have enrolled you in a week-long art class starting next Monday.

I took my daughter for a free kick-boxing class to see if she wanted to enroll in lessons, but she didn’t really enjoy it.


the act of becoming a member;

The enrollment in our program is decreasing because the expected contingent from China has not materialized.

Enrollment in the English Language Program usually decreases in the spring session because the students have to return to their countries to start school.

Diminishing enrollment has led to a reduction in staff at the college.

Enrollment at the university has increased a great deal over the past five years.

Enrollment in our language program has increased steadily each year since it began.