Enigma in a sentence

Use Enigma in a sentence


Meaning: [noun]puzzle; mystery ;

This competition could make a real difference in solving an enigma that has puzzled astronomers for decades.

The Middle East has been the worlds enigma for centuries and as long as there are religions, it will remain an enigma!

he’s an enigma, a peculiar combination of all these things, and someone we’ll never fully understand.

But the new president has remained an enigma to his people.

Parnell’s personal political views remained an enigma.

He’s such a compelling character but remains something of an enigma.

Mr. Lee is an enigma and often makes me uncomfortable.

Frowde came from the book trade, not the university, and remained an enigma to many.

He is seen as an enigma to be solved, with wild speculations offered as to his identity and possible noble lineage.

In Berlin, the Republican nominee is seen as somewhat of an enigma.