Enhance in a sentence

Use Enhance in a sentence

Enhance ;

Meaning: [verb] to improve; make better ;

Species found in organic farms enhance sustainability by reducing human input.

An enhanced simulation was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.

Thus in 1776, the great architect Robert Adam was commissioned to enhance the church.

When we ‘buy locally,’ our economy is strengthened and our quality of life is enhanced.

Walker said his enhanced design was rejected because of the added cost, 5 1/2 cents per gun.

The Clipped Tag is a radio frequency identification tag designed to enhance consumer privacy.

During Voss’s ownership, Violet Schumacher enrolled in the College to enhance her office skills.

These land farming activities cultivate and enhance microbial degradation of hazardous compounds.

Superheroes are generally enhanced humans from secret government or private entrepreneurial projects.

In November 2003, artist Nayef Alwan arrived from Lebanon to artistically enhance the original statue.

An enhanced multimedia page displays recent event photos including campus activities and sporting events.