English-speaking in a sentence

Our primary audience is English-speaking scholars and students.

The airline was therefore forced to hire English-speaking crews.

The sinking was given dramatic publicity throughout the English-speaking world.

Different translations are used in the various English-speaking countries.

I miss being in an English-speaking country.

They were walking together with an English-speaking guide.

Ukraine has a huge problem with finding English-speaking volunteers.

English-speaking nations are on top of the list.

This essentially originated from the English-speaking countries.

The decision to use English-speaking actors was made early.

Some common volume measures in English-speaking countries are shown at right.

This sometimes results in inaccurate conclusions being drawn by English-speaking observers.

Each hotel is staffed by an English-speaking hotel manager.

This phenomenon is not limited to English-speaking populations.

The date was widely accepted in the English-speaking world.

Her work is less known in English-speaking countries.

Very few of the English-speaking residents had valid titles.

These books are available in English-speaking countries and through online bookstores.