Enfranchise in a sentence

Use Enfranchise – Disenfranchise in a sentence

Enfranchise ;

Meaning: [verb] give voting rights ;

It was intended to “enfranchise” the people who voted against the bill.

Therefore, surely we should enfranchise 16 and 17-year-olds and focus on encouragement instead of leaving them disenfranchised

The Nixon White House, recognizing the electoral significance of this newly enfranchised population, courted the 18-year-old vote with mailings on the end of the draft as well as posters of the presidential visit to China.

Such laws are designed to disenfranchise.

I learned about Black Codes and racial disenfranchisement.

Disenfranchised youth are easy pickings for groups like IS.

Her appeal is to a working class that feels disenfranchised.

Champagne says young indigenous voters are feeling disenfranchised.