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He has been arrested on federal charges including violating the embargo on exports to Iran.

Find someone who comes from a country which has been involved in some kind of embargo.

Critics are charging that the United Nations-imposed embargo is mainly hurting children and innocent civilians.

On October 19, 1960, the U.S. imposed a partial economic embargo on Cuba that excluded food and medicine.

The government has placed an embargo on importing birds from various Southeast Asian countries due to an outbreak of avian flu.

Karl Marx believed that the masses of workers are exploited by a small, privileged elite, who control most of the wealth.

spaLas constantes discusiones de Tom irritan a algunos de sus compañeros.

Sin embargo la mayoría de la clase ya aprendió a ignorarlo.

A major airline has placed an embargo on accepting pets as checked bags during hot weather out of concern for the safety of the animals themselves.

Discussion question: State the case for and against imposing a trade embargo against a nation’s government in order to bring about political change.

In October 1973, OPEC announced that the Arab countries were cutting production and placing an embargo on shipments of crude oil to Western countries.

Patrick Buchanan has suggested that while the U.S. policy of embargoing and isolating Cuba made sense during the Cold War, it makes no sense today.

When the Americans placed a tariff on Russian steel coming into the U.


, the Russians retaliated by placing an embargo on American chicken imports.

A UN panel of experts has been established to monitor the Liberian government’s compliance with the sanctions and arms embargo imposed by the Council on Liberia two years ago.

Prior to the imposition of economic sanctions in the mid-1980s, the United States relied mainly on arms embargoes to pressure the South African government to change its domestic policies.

804, after Haiti became the first independent republic in Latin America following a slave revolt against the French, the French enforced a commercial embargo against the island nation.

The American Association for World Health has determined that the U.S. embargo of Cuba has dramatically harmed the health and nutrition of large numbers of ordinary Cuban citizens.

In August 1990, the United States imposed economic sanctions on Iraq, including a full trade embargo barring all imports from and exports to Iraq, excepting only medical supplies, foodstuffs, and other items of humanitarian need.

A US embargo is to remain in place, and only US Congress can lift it.

July 1, 2012 – The European Union embargo on Iranian oil takes effect.

There is some momentum in Congress, however, to lift the trade embargo.

Congressional approval is needed to fully lift the U.S. embargo on Cuba.

He’s vowed to vote against any attempt to lift the trade embargo, as well.

It triggered high expectations that an eased trade embargo was not far off.

There is fierce opposition to lifting the embargo from Republican lawmakers.

They also mark Obama’s continuing effort to chip away at the embargo since a thaw.