elevate in a sentence

NFL levels were still elevated three months later.

Neither party is very elevated in consciousness.

The coal tipping cranes were elevated well above water level.

Suicide rates are also elevated among teens.

This in turn causes inappropriately elevated blood sugar levels.

This site is elevated above the road.

This helps elevate status–both externally and internally.

The WBC count is usually slightly elevated .

They were elevated to service a mainstream system.

How long would building elevated brick beds take?

A hormone normally elevated in nursing and pregnancy.

Using pillows to elevate the upper body may help.

He is elevated to supremacy among the gods.

They both were elevated to a very high post.

Keep the hand elevated until the ring is removed.

This poem represents mankind elevated to the highest possible status.

I gained 7 pounds laying around with my foot elevated .

White elevate blacks and vice versa and otherwise.