electronic data exchange in a sentence

The infrastructure that supports electronic data exchange .

There are four methods for electronic data exchange currently operating for other Departmental programs of a similar nature.

EDI History At its simplest, electronic data exchange is the transmission of documents by electronic means.

NHM has the URICA system, and is considering using JANET or its successor for electronic data exchange .

In the legal industry, some standardization has been attempted with Legal electronic data exchange Standard (LEDES).

As companies have become more integrated within their own departments and with other companies, such as suppliers and retailers, a desire for data integrity throughout the electronic data exchangeprocess is also driving demand for continuous auditing.

Aside from the key functions of sample management, instrument and application integration, and electronic data exchange , there are numerous additional operations that can be managed in a LIMS.

The exponentially growing volume of data created in laboratories, coupled with increased business demands and focus on profitability, have pushed LIMS vendors to increase attention to how their LIMS handles electronic data exchanges .

Built on the Netsmart CareRecord platform, it delivers a pre-configured system that uses the electronic data exchange mechanisms established by IBHIS and includes the clinical forms required by the county for providers.

Improve design and construction productivity by incorporating and integrating seismic and structural design codes, analysis tools, and analytical methods in the building information modeling andelectronic data exchange efforts of organizations such as the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI).