electron in a sentence

The negatively charged particles were later named electrons .

The overall electron density is very low.

This is hardly surprising since every chemical reaction involves electron exchange.

There is electron proton neutron inside it.

Learn shorthand for writing long electron configurations.

The electron is located outside the nucleus.

They are called electron pairs or twins.

The other pathway is called cyclic electron flow .

These particle energies are usually measured in units called electron volts.

Lines those silly electrons right up straight away.

The electrons act a negative voltage drop attracting positive ions.

For sulfate reduction electron donors and energy are needed.

This phenomenon has been observed frequently in transmission electron microscopy.

Both possibilities find many useful applications in electron beam welding practice.

The electron optics of camera tubes differ considerably.

NEC started developing electron tubes in 1925.

About 30 work units are produced per electron transport.

Previous theories allowed various numbers of electrons .

The outer belt consists mainly of electrons .

The process is known as electron capture ionization.