electrician in a sentence

My uncle works in construction as an electrician.

As an experienced electrician, she earns a very good wage.

I don’t know how to fix the lights in the garage, I think I’d better phone an electrician to do it.

He retired from the corps after 30 years and found work as an electrician.

Whitehorse electrician Cory Laidler is the latest entrant in the race for Yukon MP.

However, the electrician said he only went there to find an ex-boss who owed him wages.

The electrician was standing behind me but was facing toward the apparatus on the wall.

I wish we had elections here all the time,” said Ahmed Abbassi, 44, electrician in his shop.

The suspect works as an electrician supporting his mother and his younger brothers, the uncle said.

“We need painter, we need carpenter, we need electrician, we need plumber, crane operators,” he says.