edgy in a sentence

It could be modern and edgy, a great pick for a transitional home, or a unique chandelier for a dining room that is elegant and dramatic.

778051 There’s the real fear that the killings could heighten tensions between police, many of whom are already edgy, and minority communities.

326792 Iggy Azalea) Add pop star Ariana Grande’s sugary-sweet vocals to Iggy Azalea’s edgy, bad-girl rhymes and voila: the perfect girl anthem.

Symptoms include reliving the trauma in flashbacks and nightmares, and feeling edgy, irritable and constantly on guard, making it hard to sleep.

All City required was a draw, but after an edgy start this energetic and attacking team seized on the opportunity to finish the season in style.

They are always hard working out there, but this year’s slate of musicals and straight plays was edgy and might be daunting to any single theater.

This is the Biba girl, the brainchild of legendary designer Barbara Hulanicki, whose affordable and edgy fashion brand embodied the Swinging Sixties.

This made many of that year’s cars nervy and edgy to drive.

He is hearty, intelligent and possess an edgy sense of humour.

The burgeoning music scene embraced the Spoilers’ edgy pop sound.

Luke instantly becomes edgy with jealousy as Noah and Maddie reminisce.

As this incarnation was aimed at children, Toxic Crusaders is considerably tamer than the edgy films it was based on.

She opined that overall: “The music, though by no means edgy, is energetic with a wide audience appeal, like the show itself.