economically in a sentence

Words too are used much more economically.

Pigna continues to grow culturally and economically.

It was a technical success, but not economically viable.

File formats can be converted, but usually not economically.

It is still today the economically most important Swedish fish.

Also, some designs are economically attractive in development projects.

Claims Adjusters are generally considered the most economically powerful trait.

Precision-faced bolts would seal as well, and could be economically manufactured.

Refineries examine whether it makes sense economically to install alkylation units.

Russia raised itself from an economically backward country to that of a superpower.

They were: (1) The Tellico area would remain economically static without the project.

According to the census, 0.01% were unemployed and 19.24% were economically inactive.

Constitution was a product of economically determinist, land-holding founding fathers.

Since normal profit is economically a cost, there is no economic profit at equilibrium.

It is a highly Muslim dominated area and one can find many economically backward people.

However there are also numerous limestone ridges that cannot be economically cultivated.

Soviet officials admitted that pricing was “economically unsubstantiated” and “unrealistic.”

It is economically unviable to generate profitable income when procured at the current price.

The company was taken over by NTPC and its operation has once again become economically viable.

Laguna del Desierto and both countries began to work together both economically and militarily.

Although Kalinga lost her independence, she became economically prosperous under the Nanda rule.

High natural gas prices are making CBM economically viable where it previously may not have been.

This meant that the continued use of the Colenso power station was no longer economically viable.