Economic interest in a sentence

Economic interests and previous relationships often determined alliances.

They claimed their economic interest was being unfairly injured.

They had combined both political and economic interests .

economic interests are real but rarely warrant war .

economic interests always compete with cultural considerations.

Other economic interests wish to restrain public spending.

These economic interests have both diplomatic and political dimensions.

Candidates are required to file papers stating their economic interests .

Strategic and economic interests have far greater weight .

Any future conflicts will depend on economic interests .

The present administration has shown economic interest in Africa.

Second, they had mutual economic interests .

Both accords were severely harmful to Brazilian economic interests .

Another major economic interest was bauxite mining.

They have an economic interest in keeping prices high.

Differences of economic interest added to Anglo-American diplomatic strains.

You kept an economic interest in the timber.

However, this definition shows that blackmail protects economic interests .

Modern planning and economic interests of the place.