economic growth in a sentence

Japan has developed her economic growth.

The country’s sustained economic growth cannot last forever.

economic growth in South Korea plunged by 6.

6% in 1998.

economic growth in Greece is forecast at around 3% for this year.

In the current slump, economic growth has fallen to zero percent.

economic growth in Laos averaged 7% in the period from 1988 to 2001.

Leaders are trying to do away with impediments to economic growth.

The pace of economic growth in Korea was quite rapid in the late 1980s.

Exports constitute the primary engine for Ireland’s strong economic growth.

economic growth in this country has been quite consistent for the last few years.

The United States enjoyed a period of economic growth and prosperity in the 1950s.

High-tech industries are perceived to be of importance to our nation’s economic growth.

Turkmenistan’s burden of foreign debt continues to limit economic growth in the country.

Since World War Two, Liechtenstein’s low taxes have spurred outstanding economic growth.

The 1979 revolution in Iran greatly reduced the nation’s earlier rate of economic growth.

The 1979 revolution in Iran greatly reduced the nation’s earlier rate of economic growth.

economic growth in Iceland has been remarkably steady over the past five years at 4% to 5%.

Deterioration of the environment is a long-term threat to continued rapid economic growth in China.

Tanzania is striving to produce cash crops that will provide the income essential to economic growth.

Government efforts to revive economic growth in Japan in the late 1990s have met with little success.

As one of the Four Tigers of East Asia, South Korea has achieved an incredible record of economic growth.

Korea’s strong economic growth this past year has been a welcome reversal of the downward trend of the past few years.

The government of Panama is planning new regional trade agreements in order to stimulate economic growth in the country.

The government is forecasting economic growth in the medicine and high-tech sectors as a result of this new legislation.

Opponents of the Kyoto Accord on reducing air pollution argue that implementation of the accord will limit economic growth.