east in a sentence

The ranges trend north west – south east .

The general ground configuration is having gentle slope towards east .

SR 50 is signed east –west.

The east coast beaches are more often muddy.

All east bound traffic was diverted until noon.

The east and west faces are plain.

The bus stop is a few yards further east .

South east trade winds have decreased strength.

This makes south or east facing walls ideal growing locations.

Income property loans east west bank now.

Numerous techniques very remodeled east filing exposures.

Pediatric surgery commercial loan workout advice jobs middle east .

When is high school east next blood drive?

This wall runs more or less east west.

The total displacement is 4 meters east and 3 meters north.

The valley runs roughly north east to south west.

Walk east through the “guard tower”.

The east wing is completed in 1894.

A low arcade tract replaces the earlier east wing.