dysfunction in a sentence

In both populations vocal cord dysfunctionmay present similarly.

The surgery has created issues with erectile dysfunction.

It ruins female sexual response and induces male sexual dysfunction.

Some men common sense physical dysfunctionsuch as impotence.

Congress should address dysfunctionsystem of intelligence oversight.

Other forms of chronic renal dysfunctionmay occur.

This eventually leads to full blown erectile dysfunction.

They always involve dysfunctionamong and between family members .

There are obligatory great colors from dysfunctiononline.

Q. How is pelvic floor dysfunctiontreated?

Why is exercise such an effective remedy for preventing erectile dysfunction?

The herb is effective in treating sexual dysfunctionin women.

Moderate to severe acne also causes skin immune dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunctioncould develop due to several reasons.

The cause is regulatory dysfunctionof a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

Complete mental dysfunctionwas her only excuse.

Regular sex might protect you from erectile dysfunction.

Stress and anxiety are associated with sexual dysfunction.

How effective either one is for erectile dysfunction?

This can help to treat erectile dysfunction.