Dwindle in a sentence

use Dwindle in a sentence


[verb] to become less or smaller;

The population dwindled by the 1920s but began to rise again in 1966.

The average weekday circulation of the magazine continues to dwindle, falling 2.7 percent in the six-month period.

The numbers then began to slowly dwindle, dipping to 196 in 2011.

Petroleum prices will soar as supplies dwindle to precariously low levels.

It’s been pretty depressing watching the spotted owl population just dwindle to nothing.

We’re harmed if fish stocks dwindle to extinction.

All the efforts soon dwindled away.

By 2050, forests will dwindle by 200 million hectares — about five times the area of California.

As the economic crisis grew more severe and resources dwindled, patron-client relations began to dissolve.

Interest in cinema houses dwindled and many went bust and had to close down.