dry clean in a sentence

It’s better to dry clean once per season.

Every year he had her clothes dry cleaned.

My shirt was cleanly pressed and didn’t smell of the usually dry clean smell.

You can also dry clean your sheepskin if your drycleaner will accept it.

Dry clean once a season (or when stained), and especially before storing.

Albano Cleaners dry clean all the donated coats and distribute them among the distribution sites.

Originally rayon was a ” dry clean only” fiber.

Dry clean what you can afford to.

He’d be better dry cleaned wouldn’t he?

He even gets his work clothes dry cleaned on the regular.

Oh erm , Dawn said she’s gonna dry clean it.

Any curtains with stiffened buckram headings should be dry cleaned .

Many people prefer to have their kimono dry cleaned .

However, if necessary, they can be dry cleaned .

TCE is used in the metal degreasing and dry cleaning industries.

Can be stabilized for shrinkage control and dry cleans satisfactorily.

What about if I had it dry cleaned for you first?

Hair styling and relaxing therapeutic massages and dry cleaning service are all available.

Wipe with a dry clean cloth.