drizzle in a sentence

The mainland should see fog or even drizzle first thing in the morning.

Further south a few showers or patchy drizzle will cross the region today.

6. drizzle the olive oil onto the beans and top with the olives and rosemary.

Season to taste and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and black pepper.

Additionally, fog and some patchy drizzle will develop this evening and tonight.

High plus 4. Tonight: Rain or periods of drizzle ending this evening then cloudy.

drizzle with chili oil and serve with tortilla chips or fried sweet potato strips.

Place the fennel slices on a baking sheet and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil.

Various parts of the region saw alternating snow and freezing drizzle Sunday.

A little patchy light rain or drizzle is likely, more especially across the Pennines.

Despite a murky forecast of drizzle and fog, that did not stop athletes from participating.

drizzle bread with oil, then sprinkle with salt. 2. Spread mayonnaise over the tomato pulp.

Winnipeg forecast for Nov. 16 High 10 C. Cloudy, periods of drizzle beginning in morning.

Season to taste, place in a bowl, and serve topped with parsley or chives and a drizzle of oil.