driverless in a sentence

Volvo is not the only car maker diving into the driverless car market.

The city plans to use driverless electric pod cars to transport people.

You might have even read some pros and cons about our driverless future.

Currently, the open road is a world too complicated for driverless cars.

But even if they don’t, will driverless cars feel safe enough to deploy?

Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and Nokia (NOK) have also been experimenting with driverless cars.

On its website, Tesla acknowledged that “truly driverless cars are still a few years away.”

This ain’t Marty McFly’s hoverboard Carmakers Are All Testing driverless, So What’s The Holdup?

Here’s mapping technology is expected to play a huge role in the development of driverless cars.

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This week Google showed off a bold vision for the future of cars; a custom-made driverless vehicle with no steering wheel and no pedals.

By summer 2015, however, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles must publish regulations allowing the public to use truly driverless cars.

And driverless cars will probably all be electric so that they can just sidle up to a charging station and rejuice without human intervention.

With Google-backed, driverless Ubers delivering you that urgent supply of mouthwash, Amazon’s delivery drones could start to look a tad gimmicky.

Trains have since become more accessible, and some are now driverless.

People are reporting driverless cars and children missing from their seats.