dramatically in a sentence

Union medical care improved dramatically during 1862.

The draw weight was thus dramatically increased.

This number had risen dramatically since 2000.

Keep upper body upright while dramatically bending knees.

Now everything has been dramatically rushed forward.

His life expectancy has been dramatically reduced.

He proposes dramatically cutting major entitlement programs.

This is dramatically true with telephone calls overseas.

There were dramatically national beetles of low end today.

The average age of child refugees fell dramatically .

This situation changed dramatically during the 2003 legislative elections.

Life expectancy has increased dramatically this century.

His attention span and focus has improved dramatically !

The state needs dramatically better leadership from statewide education policymakers.

The compound has dramatically increased numbers of participants.

Over recent years the media landscape has changed dramatically .

The cost of claims has increased dramatically .

The nature of conflict has changed dramatically .

My strength and stamina has increased dramatically .

This dramatically improves the above plus trickle filter performance.

But these models dramatically fail basic verification tests.

It dramatically changed commercial aircraft navigation and safety.

My already high taxes went up dramatically .

Increasing salt intake often dramatically eliminates these symptoms.

Healthcare costs increase dramatically due to pressure ulcers.