downward downwards in sentence

He went downward in life.

I was looking downward to the bottom of the valley.

The rollercoaster plunged downwards at a dizzying speed.

We need to devise a new advertising strategy to reverse our downward trend in sales.

The gravel in the path tends to migrate to the bottom over time as a result of the downward slope.

Korea’s strong economic growth this past year has been a welcome reversal of the downward trend of the past few years.

The arch is a very strong structure because instead of pushing downwards, the load of an arch bridge is carried outward along the curve of the arch to the supports at each end.

Its unemployment rate is 4.3% and has been moving downward this year.

665981 That left the market flooded and sent prices tumbling downward.

That earned him most of the credit for the drug firm’s downward spiral.

When he looked out the window, he saw a man shooting downward, he said.

Gas Gas prices are still heading downward, the website says.

Yet its current trajectory is slowing, and perhaps even heading downward.

906075 We have actually revised downward the very large airplane market.”””

Continuing the downward trend, there have been 91 strikes so far this month.

Underscoring the downward trend in claims, the year-ago average was 291,250.

Nationwide, oil production has been following prices downward since last spring.

Boxing has been in a downward spiral for years and there are a number of factors.

The Canadian dollar continued its downward slide on Thursday as oil prices sagged.

Its latest sentiment barometers points downwards amid a volatile global environment.

I think both of those things would point to downward revision in the funds rate path.

726514 The government targeted a downward movement of the national debt by FY2016/2017.

This type of brain-activity loss might be contributing to a downward spiral in addicts.”

These cold, grey winter days can send even the most positive people into a downward funk.

The short lull in previous weeks seems to be history as the euro continues its downward slide.

A stalled economy has meant that from a point of growth we are now back into a downward spiral.

And while the murder rate nationally has continued to trend downward, Baltimore’s rose that year.

En route through Wellesley Hills, the 5k spans over three hills, and finishes on a downward slope.

If energy prices stabilize at current, lower levels, the downward pressure on inflation will ease.

Frankfurt, London and Paris were also pulled downward by declining domestic manufacturing figures.

Levin took notes and kept his eyes cast downward as the files found on his computer were described.

And she didn’t trust anybody Instead, it marked the start of a downward spiral for the Burnaby teen.

Hawk tries to execute it by skating over the top of the loop and then skating horizontally downward.

People really need to think about this downward spiral we get into and work harder to counteract it.

In a season that has spiraled downward for the Nationals, the gems by Scherzer have been highlights.

Kamins said he tapped into his retirement fund to pay for extra visits, but his son spiraled downward.