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Toronto is being considered as a site for the headquarters of a new Olympic anti-doping institution.

Two of Joachim Löw’s former Bundesliga clubs accused of doping 02.03.

416387 It’s really taken centre stage,”” Bolt said of the doping issue.”

The IAAF is not complacent about doping in its sport, the federation said.

She added recent doping allegations surrounding athletics are “depressing”.

The 227-page report also said doping remains an ongoing problem in the sport.

Top coaches – and others – are warning that elite swimming is plagued by doping.

The agency did not say what doping substances were involved in any of the cases.

The company took the matter to court after Armstrong admitted to doping in 2013.

Troicki has returned to play for Serbia after serving a one-year doping suspension.

Diack’s protests aside, the lead-up to worlds have been swamped by doping questions.

The future of WADA, and its role in the anti-doping movement, will be up for debate.

“They want to promote exceptional performances and results, but they want no doping.

Athletes caught doping after January 1st this year now face a mandatory four-year ban.

Both Armstrong and Landis have had their titles stripped due to allegations of doping.

What we can do in Canada is focus on the education side of anti-doping, Qualtrough said.

Backstrom appealed in April to CAS, contending that no anti-doping rule violation occurred.

DW spoke to US anti-doping boss Travis Tygart, who was involved in the story from the start.

Salazar denies allegations made in a BBC investigation he has used illegal doping practices.

447203 Kenyan authorities have blamed the influence of foreign agents for some of the doping.

A new World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) code of conduct allows tests on athletes “at any time.”

In fact, they are probably the real reason sport continues to maintain its anti-doping stance.

It will continue to use every tool at its disposal to fight doping and protect clean athletes.

November 15, 2005 – Major League Baseball announces that it is increasing penalties for doping.

783139 The request came at a time when the IAAF was dealing with a slew of Russian doping cases.