donor in a sentence

In some cases it is easy to identify a donor.

CalPERS invested $700 million with Davis donor.

Other donors provided co-financing for the project.

There was a total of 419 donors registered on the site.

Americans for Limited Government withholds donor names.

Public radio is funded by government and private donors.

Obama passes 2 million donors, The Hill (August 14, 2008)..

A major relief effort was undertaken by international donors.

donor to the law school of the William W. Cook Law Quadrangle.

That is, the donor voids in full view of the collector or observer.

In such cases, the money came from the private treasury of the donor.

The better the donor, the greater the preference for outward rotation.

The aid agencies of the large donor states were also set up at this time.

The lead donor to date is the Corbett Foundation pledging over $5 million.

MMV is supported by a number of foundations, governments and other donors.

Expenses are shared between the SCA, agency partners, and individual donors.

In the UK the use of donor oocytes after natural menopause is controversial.

CAIR annual reports are available to all members and donors, as well as online.

Most development strategies divide donors into categories based on annual gifts.

She and her friend, Dr. Kelly Lee, put a list of possible sperm donors together.

Sources of funding The IWF operates through funds provided by donor organizations.

Democracy Group Gives donors Access to McCain, The New York Times (July 28, 2008).

Contributions to this account count against the donor‘s annual limit for the party.

Here the donor intended for her nephew to take up directorship in a private company.

Dr. Virambhai was the main donor for the high schools in Bagvadar, Advana and Simar.

The Bill and Malinda Gates foundation are strong advocates and donors to this cause.

The final cost of $475 million was borne both by Chicago taxpayers and private donors.

Part II countries are almost all developing countries, some of which are donors to IDA.

The remaining 70% require an unrelated hematopoietic cell donor as a transplant source.

Blood donor Nondiscrimination Resolution, calling upon the FDA to end the gay blood ban.

Oxygen passivates Se vacancies that act as compensating donors and recombination centers.

In the episode “The One with the donor“, Rachel tells Phoebe about her feelings for Joey.

Tied aid improves donors export performance, creates business for local companies and jobs.

Nepal In Nepal, EIA was started in early 1980s, particularly in the donor-assisted projects.

The term also includes any reproductive technique involving a third party e.g a sperm donor.

Throughout the world, there are an estimated ten million volunteer hematopoietic cell donors.

It established the future use of unrelated donors to patients, so far for over 10,000 people.