Donald Trump in a sentence

Donald Trump later denied seeking any tax relief.

I wish I had Donald Trump money.

Even Donald Trump has to control his spending.

It became ok to act like Donald Trump .

But Donald Trump is not your typical billionaire .

People are asking, will Donald Trump run again?

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul.

In fact, even Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy.

Donald Trump called for a boycott on West.

Donald Trump‘s children work for his company.

Even the self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy.

Boy , that Donald Trump is a bad guy.

And Donald Trump is the master repellent.

Donald Trump : I have a big, big announcement.

Donald Trump has loudly championed that idea that Barack Obama is illegitimate.

It featured special guest Donald Trump .

Donald Trump entered the race briefly, giving television interviews outlining his platform.

It was a fairly typical day on Twitter for Donald Trump .

What Exactly Is Donald Trump ‘s Deal?

Donald Trump , presidential question coordinator.

Donald Trump is now my favorite .

One group even lobbied Donald Trump .

I miss the old Donald Trump .

He sounds just like Donald Trump .

Donald Trump can be a well-known television superstar and billionaire actual estate designer.