domestically in a sentence

Domestically produced beers are much cheaper than imports.

The President is quite popular domestically, but is not very well liked abroad.

Having said ‘domestic wine’, anything bottled domestically is deemed to be domestic wine.

The ancient Romans were so fond of eating mice that the upper classes raised them domestically.

About 99 percent of pumpkins marketed domestically are used for making jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.

Imax says it has sold $18 million domestically, double the previous record.

Some of those savings are invested domestically, and some in foreign assets.

The film grossed more than $100 million domestically, as did Scream 2 (1997).

“When you run a trade surplus you are talking about more job growth domestically.

It was the year’s second highest-grossing film, earning $340 million domestically.

Still, their importance, both domestically and internationally, can’t be overestimated.

Whatever the Gulf countries do in Yemen, they must not let down their guard domestically.

The two Chinese firms have been pushing their overseas efforts while growing domestically.

Voltage Pictures is handling international sales, and CAA is selling the film domestically.

Talk of deploying the army domestically has flared up in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Most of that debt is held domestically, not owed to foreigners, and is not considered high-risk.

However, domestically, each state offers a very different quality of life for its older residents.