Docile in a sentence

use Docile in a sentence


[adjective] quiet, well behaved and easy to control;

European bees are more docile and easier to manage commercially.

This friendly, docile bird originated in Massachusetts in the 19th century.

My father was passive and docile, just a farm boy from Texas.

The snow leopard’s docile nature is a plus for him.

Cattle aren’t wild anymore. We breed them to be docile.

They’re not only small, but they’re also so docile that you could keep one as a pet.

As long as the American media continues this really docile approach, I think we’re never going to get those stories that ask the hard questions.

The family dog, a docile German shepherd, became a very popular dog.

My six-year-old is no longer the docile receiver of every dress. She is very picky.