do well in a sentence

If she pursues a career in administration, I’m sure she will do well because she’s a very organized person, and she gets along well with others.

Jackie Kennedy once said that if you don’t raise your children well, whatever else you do well doesn’t matter very much.

Studies reveal that physically attractive people are often viewed as healthier, and more likely to do well at school.

You would do well to correct your mistakes.

People that want to do well in their jobs will dress for success.

You will do well to take my advice.

I will do well on the test.

Did you do well in the exam?

You would do well to make sure when the next bus starts.

It is a worthy ambition to do well whatever one does.

Parents are proud of their children when they do well in school.

It is only natural that he should do well at school.

He doesn’t do well because he doesn’t make the most of his ability.