diverter in a sentence

Compact diverter valve unit easily attaches to most taps.

The tokamak once had two exhaust components, called diverters .

Detail of the valves, temperature control and diverter .

There is a diverter flap in the ventilation system for this.

The diverter had to signal the separation of the stories.

The ionizer Plus connects via a diverter valve to your kitchen faucet.

Another method of obtaining free phone calls involved the use of so-called ” diverters “.

Use diverters to prevent local cut-through traffic, Clark and Halsted absorb traffic.

A Plot diverter Pendulum also was required to be made by the team.

This is done by inserting shunt or diverter resistances in parallel with the field winding.

Traffic diverter with through bike access, west end of the Vista St. Bicycle Blvd.

Why not a diverter valve ?

By 1993, call forwarding was offered to nearly every business line subscriber, making these diverters obsolete.

diverter : A valve on a faucet that changes the movement of water to a different outlet.

Adjust the diverter valve and jets, if you are sure you know how to do it.

Being fully-ported , the inverse will work as well using the valve as a diverter sending a fluid to two separate outputs.

On the Strom Plumbing English Telephone Faucet , the diverter switches the flow of water from the tub fill to the handshower.

Crafted in a bold and stately design, the Oxford Suite includes a Wide Spread Lavatory Faucet, a Roman Tub Faucet with diverter , a hand spray and holder, and Shower Trim.