distortion in a sentence

This agency was in charge of censorship, propaganda and general truth distortion.

They may introduce distortion in the desired signals, or may block them completely.

This slightly reduces signal to noise ratio, but completely eliminates the distortion.

This can be another small source of non-linearity when building low distortion filters.

This is the reason that sound propagates through solids without significant distortion.

In both cases, at some critical distance, the apparent distortion disappears completely.

This can translate to thicker (fuzzier) bass response at the expense of less distortion.

When performed on the Animals tour, Gilmour added distortion to the guitar for this solo.

To prevent voltage distortion, this requires generators more than twice as big as the UPS.

Increasing the electric acceleration voltage B+ usually reduces electric signal distortion.

He praised the Laney amps as having “the best natural distortion of any tube amp ever heard”.

Clock timing errors ( jitter ) result in non-linear distortion (FM modulation) of the signal.

This caused for a large distortion within Jian, leading for him to possess an immense blood lust.

During the 1960s to early 1970s, distortion was primarily created by overdriving the power valves.

The CZ series were a family of low-cost Phase distortion synthesizers produced by Casio mid-1980s.

This non- sinusoidal current leads to harmonic distortion and a poor power factor in the AC supply.

His skill is “distortion Flame”, a large fireball that can destroy everything around a certain radias.

The disadvantage of spatial domain approaches is that they produce spatial distortion in the fused image.

Most often, seizure is precipitated by severe loading and subsequent distortion of the clutch components.

Compromises in performance such as distortions of the wavefront must be balanced against the design goal.

He also said that homosexuality is an illness, and a distortion of the human personality like kleptomania.

It can also animate the distortions by dragging keyframes from the preview window into an animation palette.