dissuade in a sentence

After Inman dissuades him, they travel together.

He offers her the pearl, but Shimrod dissuades her.

In distress, Jena attempts to dissuade him from doing so.

Influential local citizens dissuaded him from this action.

All attempts of Shukracharya to dissuade Mahabali proved futile.

Etymology *From dehort (Modern English – archaic) to try to dissuade.

He asked for the ugly horse in the corner and would not be dissuaded.

The liberals hoped to dissuade them from fighting “for monks, against liberty”.

Gaius Baltar phones Gaeta to try to dissuade him from continuing with the mutiny.

Despite numerous attempts from Eddie to dissuade her, she is adamant about leaving.

As Merlin watches, Gaius tries to dissuade Morgana’s fears by making her a new remedy.

Yau Yeuk tries to dissuade Cloud from killing her father but her father pushes her away.

He, therefore, continually advised him to dissuade the emperor from his present intentions.

Jewitt unsuccessfully attempted to dissuade him from carrying out this traditional punishment.

She attempted to dissuade him but Martin threatened her if she did not cooperate in the robbery.