disqualified in a sentence

He was formally charged and his license disqualified for 6 months.

However, he was disqualified due to an issue with the song’s status.

Arde Mayhew has been medically disqualified from receiving new implants.

Pantano was disqualified for the race and also excluded from the sprint.

However this team was disqualified from the league for financial breaches.

Note 8: Cliff was disqualified for aggressive physical contact with Marcel.

If those with the best memories disagree, the testimony is to be disqualified.

Two days later the Belgian cycling federation disqualified Anquetil and fined him.

In 1987, Yuri participated in the Festival OTI one last time, and she was disqualified.

Eugene got himself intentionally disqualified to finish the match after he pushed the referee.

In some instances, however, parties have been disqualified from listing candidates for election.

In the past, groups lacking political power have often been disqualified from the benefits of property.

The race came under controversy when winner Mike Skinner was disqualified and the win was given to Blaney.

Several Gladiators were given warnings about encroaching into the safety zone, but none were disqualified.

In the next round Ed, Wole and Jarvis all proceed to the semi-finals after their opponents are disqualified.

A mayor who was absent from the borough for more than two months becomes disqualified and vacates his office.

296 AD ) decided that “women who practice lewdness with one another are disqualified from marrying a priest.”

Notes * nb disqualified and medals stripped after teammate Dwain Chambers tested positive for banned substances.