disingenuously in a sentence

It’s also used almost exclusively disingenuously .

You keep asking disingenuously , “Where is your proof?

Nor is she disingenuously humble about her triumphs.

TShane 3000 disingenuously brought up an entirely different context, of industrial accidents.

The presentation of problems as though they were their own solutions is as disingenuously euphemistic.

They present theories in an apparently neutral frame of mind and insinuate their position disingenuously .

I asked, somewhat disingenuously .

He also disingenuously suggested that joining the hated rival was no different from joining a big club abroad.

Their proponents disingenuously portray them as tools for diminishing errors ; for many types of errors they are.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that Lewinsky was ” disingenuously and pretentiously” trying to evoke sympathy.

They were however confined to an Arab ( later disingenuously called the Integration Department) headed by a Jew.

Love how you try to elevate yourself disingenuously and smugly above the discussion by being ” oh so civilized”.

I think it was in ’85 or ’86, or something like that,” said Jaramillo disingenuously .

If this be thought to be disingenuously restrictive, an attempt to define away the opposition, then consider the alternative.

Well, I know what Bradley meant, even if Austin ( disingenuously , in my view) professes not to.

The cash-strapped Footscray had disingenuously demoted Hart to thirds coach to avoid a payout clause in the contract had he been sacked.

Moscoe denied that any trickery was involved, and suggested that certain councillors were disingenuously trying to appear disinterested in their salaries.

It has been reported the youths confronted a group of police officers who were monitoring their illegal protest which they disingenuously called a ‘prayer meeting’.

It is occasionally amusing, and has some much remarked-upon good performances, etc. etc. It’s just another damn movie with some pretty rotten things to say about its characters (and so, us), and it either hopes you don’t notice them, or it disingenuously pretends they aren’t there in the first place.

There’s no way back, supporters were consistently – and, it would appear to have turned out, disingenuously – told.

Creationism & Intelligent design are greatly featured in the media and are being used disingenuously to portray science & the theory or evolution as being in crisis when they are not.

And then pretty soon the mainstream media goes out and disingenuously takes a so-called objective sampling, and lo and behold, these Republican National Committee talking points are woven into the fabric of the zeitgeist.