discontinue in a sentence

They discontinued this line of shoes because they weren’t selling.

Almost 100 different cities around the world have had cable cars over the years, but all except San Francisco have discontinued their use.

Facebook Credits were discontinued in 2013 and replaced with Facebook Payments.

Cassandra says she believes chemo is “poison,” and wants to discontinue treatment.

The quarantine practice was discontinued a couple years later after Apollo 14’s mission.

“Verizon should discontinue its header injection program, or at a minimum make it opt-in.”

36435 Also, at one point Worley apologized to her and discontinued his inappropriate behavior.

At the same time, Sony also announced that it will discontinue its miniature MicroMV camcorder.

Including revenue from its discontinued enterprise unit, however, revenue totaled $4.65 billion.

We discontinued ‘Dan Rather Reports’ because ‘The Big Interview’ was working so well, Cuban said.

Therefore, the records of students who discontinued services in 2008 will be destroyed July 27, 2015.