disadvantaged in a sentence

In many developing countries, girls are marginalized and disadvantaged, and are denied access to a quality education.

Causeway Work Centre is a local not-for-profit agency that helps a broad spectrum of disadvantaged people find rewarding employment.

About 43% of our students come from deprived and disadvantaged backgrounds, with care and support, they progress on to positive pathways.

It also generated a significant breakdown in trust between the nation’s disaffected, often socially disadvantaged, youth, and British police.

The study included children aged 6 to 9 enrolled in the Harmony Project, which provides free music lessons to disadvantaged children in Los Angeles.

For services to disadvantaged Young People.

For charitable services to disadvantaged children in Russia.

Bishop Morris extended diocesan support to the discarded and disadvantaged.

For services to disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children in Bangladesh.

The natural growth parenting style arises under these disadvantaged circumstances.

He felt that the mission was being disadvantaged compared to Fleirl’s New Guinea mission.

The school currently educates 420 disadvantaged children between the ages of 5 and 11 for free.

Economic projects Medicare Resources Ltd helps the economically-disadvantaged in a sustainable way.

Winfrey deflected this criticism by saying that the “school is open to all girls who are disadvantaged.

It was named the Wooden Spoon Society and raises funds for disadvantaged children in the UK and Ireland.

In 1946, he began practicing law in Athens with his father, who was known as a voice for the disadvantaged.

Socio-economically disadvantaged students at KHS outscored their peers at RHS and ECHS in 10 out of the 16 comparable CST tests.

The approach to national unity is to grant special status to those Canadians who feel constitutionally or otherwise disadvantaged.

McCoy objects, telling T’Pau that Kirk is seriously disadvantaged, and suggests he inject Kirk with a tri-ox compound to compensate.

At the same time, these communities are often located in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods at the margins of American society.

Livelihood Enhancement Programme The Livelihood Enhancement Programme aims to develop the productive skills of disadvantaged families.

We’re are just the disadvantaged and it’s impossible for us to make trouble.”

The most disadvantaged populations suffered the worst harm from the disaster.

“We always suspected they would be disadvantaged and this evidence adds to that.

It has offered a degree of substantive and formal equality for the disadvantaged.

In fact, larger loans are often made available to financially disadvantaged students.

But I agree with you it happens probably more often in families that are disadvantaged.

But in many more academies, disadvantaged pupils did worse than those in mainstream schools.

Hegarty Maths’ online learning platform gives disadvantaged children access to math tutoring.