disability in a sentence

Bedwei has steadfastly refused to let her disability affect her career trajectory.

Life since then has been about accepting how to live with an invisible disability.

255596 Growing up in Lewisporte, Snow said he never felt like he had a disability.

834109 They’re overseen by the federally funded National disability Rights Network.

Why is it okay to inconvenience disabled people but not people without a disability?

600164 Sara just doesn’t meet the criteria to qualify for a disability,”” she said.”

“Today it is used as an insult or to degrade people with a disability,” said Morris.

Where shall we now find that protection?” the disability groups asked in a statement.

Will he continue on disability forever or have to switch to regular benefits from me?

Man claims to see face on caterpillar The ADA at 25: What’s next for disability rights?

395866 It is a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., Canada and worldwide.

We didn’t really speak about my disability, not because it was a topic that was taboo..

It would also aim to preserve the Social Security disability trust fund, sources said.”

It’s a fantastic platform for us to get our beliefs across on inclusion and disability.”

The report suggested offering a single person with a severe disability $12,160 annually.

The retirement fund gets about 85 percent of the money, and the rest goes to disability.

The documents say Phillips was receiving monthly veterans disability benefits of $3,750.

Experts past and present have observed and confirmed Mr. Hill’s intellectual disability.

Under the state’s guidelines, that disability pay is used to calculate his child support.

According to a 2013 SSA report, denied disability claims have averaged 59% from 2003-2012.

He is currently housed in the hospital ward of Kgosi Mampuru prison due to his disability.

It is ranked by the World Health Organization as the leading cause of disability globally.

I mean, when you’re on pension and on disability, you watch every penny, said Shabatowski.

Changing parlance will do nothing if there is not a shift in attitudes towards disability.

As a person with a disability, I often encounter people who wonder why I am happy, he said.

Bell’s been charged with having weapons under disability due to a previous drug conviction.

From working at Mencap I have lots of friends and colleagues who have a learning disability.

“He has a learning disability,” his daughter Kim, a branding consultant in New York, told me.

Seniors, veterans, and people who cannot work due to disability also would get a $500 credit.

There were very few people who knew how to handle a disability as severe as John’s, she said.

Cigna sells group disability and life insurance in the U.S. and has an international business.

Brooklyn has a gross motor disability (Rett Syndrome) so she can’t use her hands purposefully.

Sophie Elwes, 26, believes most publicity about disability sports focuses on high performance.

741693 The learning disability charity Mencap described Andrew Waters’ case as unacceptable””.”

Women on disability have outnumbered men by at least two-to-one every year for the past decade.

Anthony said this was important because depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

But critics – among them, some disability rights advocates – say it could do more harm than good.

For the last four years, Citi has hosted the NYC disability Mentoring Day (DMD) in New York city.

A physical disability — invisible to the rest of the world — often caused me to be late to class.

“As a mother of student with disability, I’ve seen how many schools don’t have ramps that are usable.

Payments of wages, tax credits and disability living allowance were among those that went uncredited.

As well, nurse practitioners can confirm disability, in addition to medical doctors and optometrists.

Social Security turns 80 Friday, and the massive retirement and disability program is feeling its age.

Rigid definitions of “disability” which don’t accommodate people with chronic or recurring conditions.

516945 Nowadays, organizations are moving from a biomedical model toward a social model of disability.

“Instead of accommodating Steve Sarkisian’s disability, USC kicked him to the curb,” the suit alleges.

It is mostly invisible disability though walking is agony .