dirty hand in a sentence

1 I don’t eat food with dirty hands either.

2 He put his dirty hand over the frightened boy’s mouth.

3 The only thing you get from reading newspapers is dirty hands .

4 Dirty hands can result in eye infections which may be serious.

5 Leave your laptop at home, get ready for dirty hands .

6 Verses 2-4 The *disciples did not have dirty hands .

7 One did not get dirty hands working a Monotype.

8 And we had a great conversation prompted by the episode Dirty hands .

9 I hate it when people with dirty hands touch my babys hands.

10 You can’t just assume it was caused by someone with dirty hands .

11 This would be the same situation whether it was dirty hands or instruments.

12 The patented rotating control lever is very easy to use even with dirty hands .

13 While I ‘m certainly no Microsoft fan, Motorola has dirty hands here.Who has been putting their dirty hands on the computer screen?

She washed her dirty hands before the meal.

Don’t wipe your dirty hands on your pants.

He washed her dirty hands before the meal.