directed against in a sentence

Many states enacted conspiracy laws directed against labor.

Some drugs are specifically directed against dividing cells.

Extreme philosophical scepticism directed against any comforting faith.

It was mostly directed against recent Chinese activities.

This also produced popular discontent directed against the bishops.

This was usually directed against a road bound column of vehicles.

The offensive was to be directed against 18.

The devil’s propaganda is directed against you.

His force was then directed against Niall.

The initial attacks were directed against the Polish underground.

Much violent crime nowadays is directed against these Chinese.

Numerous allegations of illicit love affairs were often directed against McPherson.

He also supports military intervention directed against Iran.

Consider deleting foul uncivilized comments directed against your excellent publication.

Therefore the suspicion should be directed against the mind controllers.

All efforts of control should be directed against the mosquitoes.

In 1880, new measures were directed against the religious congregations.

Other laws were directed against the practice of witchcraft by women.

It is not directed against any other entity.

Anger is occasionally directed against those closest to one ‘s heart.