dining room in a sentence

Its rear dining room is surprisingly quiet.

The dining room has wrap around view windows.

The dining room light refused to turn off.

The large dining room features hardwood floors and huge windows.

The imposing dining room has an eighteen foot ceiling.

The cosy dining room serves tasty meals accompanied by fine wines.

Another dining room difference was the bar service.

dining room with original 1930s décor.

The dining room was not very welcoming.

A modern student dining room was built and is functioning.

The dining room was filled with fruit machines.

It had smaller dining rooms upstairs for upscale private dinners.

dining rooms today are wherever the food is served.

The dining room and sitting room soon.

Our tiny dining room has so many moods .

The dining room is beautiful and quite unique.

Guests call our second story dining room “unbelievable”.

The separate dining room has ample space around the table.

The double bedroom and dining room enjoy stunning seaside views.

The dining room staff is our dream team.

Conference rooms and private dining rooms are available.

The formal dining room is bright and inviting.

The dining room , several days later.

Main dining room food was excellent. 4.

A private dining room can be requested.