Dike in a sentence

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Dike meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] dam; a wall built to keep back water;

Another dike was constructed to separate the lakes.

Sugarcane production soared after the dike and canal were built.

The Dutch opened the dikes and flooded the countryside around Amsterdam.

Twelve landslides occurred, and dikes were breached in 13 locations.

In 1950, dikes were built to confine storm runoff.

The construction method of dikes has changed over the centuries.

Dikes were erected to protect the land from flooding.

The area includes land enclosed by sea dikes with fringing marshes.

All their farmland and crops are protected by the dike.

Coal miners were greatly incovenienced by these hard dikes.

The lower river runs between dikes in a long, straight course.