diabetes in a sentence

She suffered from arthritis, diabetes and cataracts.

A man in his 70s who had diabetes and obstructive lung disease.

Type 1 diabetes is fatal unless treated with exogenous insulin.

She is happy for a while, but then Chinh falls ill with diabetes.

Anomalies of glucose metabolism are the cause of diabetes mellitus.

January 2008. Nutrition Recommendations and Interventions for diabetes.

He also suffered from diabetes, which went untreated in Nebraska prisons.

He was under pressure, he was sick, his diabetes was bad, and he was drinking.

Poor wound healing in diabetes mellitus may be related to perlecan expression.

Some charities include the Juvenile diabetes Research Foundation and hospitals.

Despite his diabetes and hard-nosed play, Clarke proved to be remarkably durable.

Folk wisdom has it that bitter melon helps to prevent or counteract type-II diabetes.

Carbohydrate impacts glucose levels most profoundly, The Glycemic Index and diabetes.

Others develop when a person has had diabetes for a time (often years, or even decades).

Death Jennings suffered from worsening diabetes that had ended all but abbreviated touring.

PMID 18001611 A kit with a glucose meter and diary used by a woman with gestational diabetes.

A person with diabetes can go into shock when the level of blood glucose (sugar) drops suddenly.

In 2007, Manning changed the name of his nonprofit organization to Focus to Cure diabetes Foundation.

Since then he has actively sought to be involved in various awareness-raising campaigns for diabetes.

Zhao et al. reported on a four-year trial in people with diabetes (J Cardio Pharmacol 2007;49:81-84).

At least one study has shown a correlation between metformin (diabetes medicine) and hypomagnesaemia.

Neural degeneration in diabetes means these ulcers may not be painful and thus often become infected.

Typical signs of Type 1 diabetes are a great thirst, hunger, a need to urinate often, and loss of weight.

Certain diabetes blood sugar meters measure the amount of glucose in the blood through its redox potential.

He died in Jerusalem at age 68 due to complications from diabetes and was buried in the Givat Shaul cemetery.

Today, it is used for diabetes and loss of appetite, and to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women.

The presence of those chemicals causes the muscles to exhibit insulin resistance and ultimately Type 2 diabetes.

Slim-Fast users were also able to cut back on their diabetes medication compared with the low-calorie diet group.

diabetes Australia is involved in promoting research and education in Australia on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.