Dexterous in a sentence

Use Dexterous in a sentence

Dexterous meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] skillful when using hands;

Black bears are highly dexterous, being capable of opening screw-top jars and manipulating door latches.

Their personnel are dexterous, well coordinated, and often excel at sports and dancing.

Many forms of dexterous handling of objects include successive phases of different motor activity.

Alex, being the most athletic of the girls, is very energetic and dexterous.

That training has made my hands dexterous, and I’ve never lost the ability.

His dexterous fingers move effortlessly over the piece of reed, bringing alive the unsophisticated instrument.

Goats have remarkably dexterous mouths that can negotiate eating the foliage and stems of thorny plants.

Consequently, these primates have dexterous hands and are able to grasp objects using a pad-to-pad grip.

She had proved smart and dexterous enough to get into zipped or buttoned pockets or even sealed containers.