Devoured in a sentence

Use Devoured in a sentence

Devoured meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] greedily eaten or consumed;

A week later his body was found half devoured by wolves.

Series viewed more than two hours per day were identified as’devoured“.

Every scrap of information concerning the country was eagerly devoured .

Bacon once said, ” Some books are to be tasted, some devoured, and few to be chewed and digested thoroughly.

Need I mention this bar was devoured in less than an hour?

Martin seems to be devoured by a shark, but Dr. Pangloss miraculously reappears in that episode.

This continent bore a very advanced civilization, but was devoured by the ocean in some unspecified catastrophe.

Like every other dude , whatever is in front of him is devoured within minutes whether it tastes like crap or not.